Tribute to Lou Barlow !!

« Just gimme lou barlow ! »

…is the title of our next release !
Thinking about a way to celebrate the new paperheart website, we thought of people who’ve influenced us over the years and one name came again and again…Lou Barlow ! The godfather of lo-fi recordings, the subtle master of broken love songs….So many good songs and projects!

If you feel like being part of this adventure, send an e-mail to and tell us which song you would like to cover. We’ll update this post each time we receive a new request so you know which songs are already taken ! You can choose a song from sebadoh, sentridoh, folk implosion, etc… but just pay attention to one thing : this must be a song written by lou.

The tribute will be released on this website, in free download. It might also come out on another « real » format but nothing has been decided yet. It will all depends on the quality of what you will be sending us…and on our wallet state;)

Artists/Bands contributing

1.The .nude hours – Spoiled
2.MyCatIsGreen – Flame
3.Jason Burtally – Magnets coil
4.Foraky – Not a friend
5.M-Zee – None of your goddamn business
6.Cocobusinessplan – Think (let tomorrow bee)
7.Tortuga Bar – Natural one
8.Snailhouse – True Hardcore
9.Moonsocket – Dirty mind
10.Will Kidman – Back to your heart
11.Viewmaster – Paranoid revolution
12.who ? – what ?
13.The soft eyes – Brand new love portables – Nitemare
15.Autopilot – Total peace
16.Wio - I can’t wait
17.Julien Pras – Kath
18.Evie – License to confuse
19.Teacher Teacher – Ocean
20.Tazio & Boy - Mountain On The Hill
21.Pull – Dreams
22.Niklos – Morning after me