Compilations pays an humble tribute to the music of Elliot Smith.Thanks to all the artists involved who gave time and songs just for the love of Elliott’s songs.
Make sure to check out the bands.
They’re more than worth it .

Tracklisting :
Forteens – Twilight
Allon BeauSoleil – Say yes
Autopilot – Half right
The .nude hours – Between the bars
The resident cards – Everything means nothing to me
Matt Cooper (Matt is a grown man) – Son of Sam
Julien Bouchard – Bottle up and explode
Andrew Sisk & Michael Feuerstack – St ides heaven
Mycatisgreen – L.A.
Eddy Beaurivage – A question mark
De portables – Speed trials
Buzzyshyface – Easy way out
Half asleep – Roman Candle
Julien Pras – True love

Just gimme Lou Barlow (2012)

de portables – Nitemare
Cocobusinessplan – Think (let tomorrow bee)
Viewmaster – Paranoid revolution
Wio – I can’t wait
Snailhouse – True Hardcore
The .nude hours – Spoiled
EricInTheKitchen – Not a friend
David Holderman – Mountain on the hill
Julien Pras  - Kath
Woolly Leaves – Subtle Holy Gift
Evie – License to confuse
MyCatIsGreen – Flame
Moonsocket – Dirty mind
Teacher Teacher – Ocean
Jason Burtally – Magnets coil
Tazio & Boy – Mountain On The Hill
Niklos – Morning after me
Johan sigerud – Brand new love

The Keystone kids – Christmas night
Boy omega – Silent night (traditional)
Mono(pol) – Last Christmas
Tazio & S.R.Felix – Just like christmas (low cover)
de portables – the unstable
the .nude hours – don’t you leave on xmas eve
Julien Bouchard – Listen the snow is falling (galaxy 500 cover)
Eric in the Kitchen – Post apocalypse christmas ( Gruff Rhys cover)


All their broken hearts - A tribute album to Julie Doiron

All their broken hearts – A tribute album to Julie Doiron (2002)

MEN – She’s Julie
Moon Socket – The best thing for me
David-Ivar Herman Düne (w/ Lisa) – So fast
Orange Glass – Five
Maroon Loves Blue – Sorry Story
Superxxman – Sweeter
The Soft eyes – Waiting for baby
Loïc B.O. – Annoyed by you
Mark Raymond – Gone, gone
Exact match – And there is still enough
Snailhouse – Again, again
Wio – Sorry part 1
The Radiators – Dance Music
Thee moths – Soon, coming closer
Evie – Laugh with me
Lousy – About you
Quaisoir – All their broken hearts
André Herman Düne – Dance me
nude – Oh,these walls
Call me Loretta – Will you still love me in December?
Lackadaisical Daisy – Crumble
Neil Haverty – Seven
Tino – Condescending you
IN all her sincerity – Too much
Melochrome -The last time
MEN – Julalee

Early late thoughts ( compilation for bedroom people )

Early late thoughts ( compilation for bedroom people – 2009 )

Wild Honey: The house by the sea
Mycatisgreen: Clouds
Sunday Parlours : The arrival of the story of the sailors’ wife
Landscape Izuma : Buffer
Travels: A day and a time
Pear: Conversation
Hey Chica ! : Curse the space
Un Deux Trio: Everything that is happening is happening
Loic B.O. : Bad bed
The .nude hours : Why bother ?
Irene Tremblay :Martha’s fist
Pull : Only one
Autumn Picture : Tell them all to go to hell
de portables : From nightmare to nightmare


hi-fi songs for lo fi hearts compilation

Hi-fi songs for lo-fi hearts (2001)

My orchard: Something new
Flexa lyndo: I am the riverside
Melon Galia : Au risque de te plaire
Belmondo: A letter to jean-Michel Jarre
Wio: baby,baby,please
Alisse: One night girl
The Soft eye: Let us all act psychotic
Evie: Happy somewhere
Shutter-bug: Go fish
Lousy: Quarterback
Pillow:Everyday I lose my hair
The Paperbacks: Skinny sidewalks
Yessa de paso:Snowman
Nikita:Honest and earnest
Whycore: Between here and sleep
Calc: Cracks in the wall
Brad Senne: So much more
DeadenStereo:Their Idol
The Cocker spaniels: My blessing
Autopilot: Evil exists
Thee moths: Théorie De Distance
Carissa’s wierd: Babthile green
Purple Knight: Prislips

I'm a wee monster

I’m a Wee Monster (2001)

Taste Like Blue- André
Those Physics- Whycore
A Solar Catastrophy? – November, 1959
The Search- sPrinG
3 Tears- Breezer
Burying Centuries- Juppiter Goes Quattrocento
Warm Smile- Stereo Moon
Something I Saw But You Didn’t- Cat Eyes
Love Someone- Shutter-Bug
Days, Shorter- Northern Lights
Stereo Feelings- Pillow
Been Away- Thee Moths
Fat Ass- Flexa Lyndo
Mote – Paris,texas
Secretly Canadian – A Photograph