Oh, well, okay…a paperheartmusic.net tribute to Elliott Smith

Paperheartmusic.net pays an humble tribute to the music of Elliot Smith.

Thanks to all the artists involved who gave time and songs just for the love of Elliott’s songs.

Make sure to check out the bands.

They’re more than worth it .


Tracklisting :



Forteens – Twilight
Allon BeauSoleil – Say yes
Autopilot – Half right
The .nude hours – Between the bars
The resident cards – Everything means nothing to me
Matt Cooper – Son of Sam
Julien Bouchard – Bottle up and explode
Andrew Sisk & Michael Feuerstack – St ides heaven
Mycatisgreen – L.A.
Eddy Beaurivage – A question mark
De portables – Speed trials
Buzzyshyface – Easy way out
Half asleep – Roman Candle
Julien Pras – True love

You can stream it / discover it here :

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NEW RELEASE ! The nude hours – The night is long when you’re wide awake

Click on the cover of the nude hours’ fifth album to download it for free :

the nude hours - the night is long when you're wide awake

The Tracklist :

Propylene glycol
Will you ever understand it
Between the blinds
I couldn’t get my eyes off you
Everyday in the sky
The morning after
Reverse tides
Colors of you


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Here’s the first taste of the upcoming tribute to ELLIOTT SMITH entitled « Oh well, okay » that we’re soon releasing ( probably on dec,1 )…enjoy…

THE RESIDENT CARDS – EVerything means nothing to me

Go like their fb page and discover their own ( & great) material here : https://www.facebook.com/theresidentcards

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Monsieur toto remet le couvert !

monsieur toto remet le couvert

monsieur toto remet le couvert

The brand new cd by Monsieur Toto ( francois Milet and Sebastien Flémal of viewmaster and paperweight ) is out !
You can order it via monsieurtoto.legroupe@gmail.com .
You can already discover on Vimeo their brand new tune/video entitled « Le secret » :


monsieur toto – le secret from Paperheartmusic on Vimeo.

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HO ! HO ! HO !


Merry christmas everyone !

To celebrate xmas and the end of 2013, here’s our brand new xmas compilation including some pph bands as well as some new contributors (boy omega, the keystone kids) that we all thank again for their amazing work on this project and the little amount of time they had to provide their songs!

You can now download this compilation for FREE and you can even print the layout on cardboard and make you own xmas cd to put under the tree for your loved ones !

Have fun with it !

Happy xmas folks !


The Keystone kids – Christmas night
Boy omega – Silent night (traditional)
Mono(pol) – Last Christmas
Tazio & S.R.Felix – Just like christmas (low cover)
de portables – the unstable
the .nude hours – don’t you leave on xmas eve
Julien Bouchard – Listen the snow is falling (galaxy 500 cover)
Eric in the Kitchen – Post apocalypse christmas ( Gruff Rhys cover)


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Monsieur toto – new video : « Engourdi »

Hi Everyone,
Monsieur toto is busy recording their first album but you can already listen to a first version of the song « engourdi », illustrated with pictures taken by Raphael Meert. Enjoy this song, ideal for a lazy sunday afternoon….

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Hi everyone,

As from today, you can download for free the brand new MyCatIsGreen EP entitled « electrikitty » ! It contains 1 brand new song and 4 songs originally planned for the VIEWMASTER album (which will never see the light of day). Ex-Viewmasters Eric (inthekitchen) and Francois (the nude hours/mr toto) contributed to this release…

The tracklisting is the following :
1. Paperskin
2. Bicycle ( guitar solo by Eric )
3. SickEric (verse vocals and backings by Francois and guitar solo by Eric)
4. Boddah
5. Get a life

Enjoy !
Share !

Here’s the video for PAPERSKIN, the new song…

Have a good day !

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New pph website — site under construction

Hi everyone,
Our pph website will soon lok all fresh and new. Until then, you might see strange things on this page. Sorry ’bout that ! It’ll look great when done.Promise !


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Tributes & Compilations – update

Hi everyone, we will update the below tracklistings as soon as we have new artists/songs confirmed ! …so saty tuned !

« Oh, well, okay » – a PPh Tribute to ELLIOTT SMITH – The Tracklisting :

Kestrels – Needle in the hay
Julien Bouchard -Bottle up and explode
Allon Beausoleil – Say yes
MyCatIsGreen – L.A.
The Safe Side – Between the bars
Moonsocket – ?
Juppiter Goes Quattrocento – ?
Buzzyshy Face – ?
Half Asleep – ?
The Blanks Again – ?
Eric In The Kitchen – ?

« I need you so much closer » - a pph tribute to Death Cab For Cutie – The tracklisting :

S (Jenn Ghetto) – ?
The Paperbacks – ?
The Safe Side – Passenger seat
Julien Bouchard -Movie script ending
We Need Secrets – Sleep spent
Pokett – Photobooth
Eric In The Kitchen – ?

« We wish you a paperheart xmas ! » – the tracklisting :

Boy Omega – Silent Night
Monsieur toto – Petit Papa Noël
Mono[pol] – Last Chistmas
The .nude hours – I’ll be home for Christmas
Julien Bouchard – ?
Eric In The Kitchen  – ?

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Tributes & compilations

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know…
In the coming year, you’ll get to download here :
- a tribute to elliot smith named « oh,well, okay »
- a tribute to death cab for cutie entitled « I need you so much closer »
- a xmas songs compilation !
Should you be interested in being part of one or more of these releases, let us know : paperheartmusic@gmail.com !

In a few weeks, Mycatisgreen’s newest EP will be available as well as the nude hours’s folk pop effort called « the family tree EP » !

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