Just Gimme Lou Barlow – A Paperheartmusic.net Tribute to Lou Barlow ! OUT NOW !!

Our paperheart tribute to Lou Barlow is now available on this page for your listening ( free ) pleasure !

The final tracklisting is the following :

de portables – Nitemare
Cocobusinessplan – Think (let tomorrow bee)
Viewmaster – Paranoid revolution
Wio – I can’t wait
Snailhouse – True Hardcore
The .nude hours – Spoiled
EricInTheKitchen – Not a friend
David Holderman – Mountain on the hill
Julien Pras  - Kath
Woolly Leaves – Subtle Holy Gift
Evie – License to confuse
MyCatIsGreen – Flame
Moonsocket – Dirty mind
Teacher Teacher – Ocean
Jason Burtally – Magnets coil
Tazio & Boy – Mountain On The Hill
Niklos – Morning after me
Johan sigerud – Brand new love

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Thanks so much to all the talented people and friends who took some of their precious time and creativity to bring us (and you) such amazing songs. And thank you Lou for writing them and giving your support to this project.

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