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johan sigerud

A few months ago, Paperheart interviewed Johan sigerud, frontman of My orchard and The Softeye…enjoy !

Are you busy writing/recording a new cd ?
We do have plenty of songs ready for a new album already, and have about 7-8 songs recorded as demo version. We are actually mixing a new set of demo songs right now to show for our label and maybe also shop for other partners too… It will most def take a while though, since Jon are living up north for the moment to make music videos… He’ll return in spring/summer and then we’ll start rehearsing for the real recordings…

Will it be closer to « 5 years » or  » ? »
Hmm. Not sure. I think it will be different from all the past albums but it’ll most definatly have some similarities…
We do get a bit less and less « punk guitarish » each year it seems, and right now i’m a bit bored with it so… We’ll see when we start rehearsing again, maybe the songs will turn back to that sound. I think it might be a bit like « 5 years… » in case of experimenting with sounds though…

You’ve been busy with other projects, right, lately ?
Yes. Mostly with my band The Soft Eyes, but also writing music for movies and an electronic project with my friend Linus, that we call Parakitos. We just saw that a crappy band released some trance cover under the name Pakitos though, so we’re gonna have to change our name…
The last years i’ve also been guesting the swedish electronica artist Sophie Rimheden quite a lot on her albums. It’s fun to work in different environments and people…

Are the other members of the band also involved in other projects?
Only Jenny. She has a punk/pop type of band that they call Norma Bates and are bound to release a single before the end of the year. They’re quite busy playing live and recording at the moment.

How did it happen that you had a song on a PS2 game ?
We actually had two. Well, it was through our swedish label Massproduktion. Microsoft heard the songs that they got sent to them and choosed « Too cool for school » and « Alone to decide » to be in that car game…

Who does what in the band ? who write the songs ?
I write the basics and then we all arrange it together. Sometimes we find ideas for a song while rehearsing and build from that. It depends.
Right now me and Tobias are the ones working on new songs and mixing demos…

Why always record on analogic tapes ?
It has a nice feel to it. A compression and warmth that digital sometimes can lack. Last album « Silhouettes » was actually recorded digitally and then mixed down on analog tape, two times, to get that result…

Are there bands/artist who really influenced My orchard ?
Of course. Eric’s Trip, Sebadoh, Joy Division, R.E.M and Sonic Youth was probably some of the reasons why we started the band. Influenced by the do-it-yourself vibe and the pop tunes mixed with noise. I guess that Peter Hook has been very important for Tobias bass play as Lou Barlow has been for my writing and maybe also singing…

Do you have plans of touring abroad ?
We would love to after the release of the next album. But not until then.

Do you have friends bands with whom you like to tour or which maybe sound like you ?
I think it would be kool to do a combined The Soft Eyes/my Orchard tour but besided that we’ve always been very close to the band Leif Karate and also toured Sweden together before. Well, there are so many good swedish bands that we like that would fit perfect; Peter, Bjorn And John, The Radio Dept, Sambassadeur etc.

Personnally, what band made you wanna start your own ?
A combination of Sebadoh and Sonic Youth.

Do you do it full time or do you have to work to get money for the band ?
I work part time with authistic kids. That way i get a lot of time for the music and it’s also very easy to be free for shows and recordings…

Still on massproduktion label ? how did you enter in their team ?
Yes. Mats from Massproduktion saw us on stage way back when we were like 18. He approached us and a week later we signed a contract for 3 albums. So i guess we’re kind of out of contract now!
It seems like they wants continue working with us so i think we will do this next album together too… We’re quite close with Mats, have know him for almost ten years now. He’s a really nice guy.

What are your feelings on your past records ?
« GREBO » was very much youthful. we recorded it when we were 18-19 and j├Ârgen cremonese who produced it really made it sound youth like i think. noisy, feedbacks, big drums, sloppy play and alot of energy. it was pretty much us at that time.

« 5 years long and as tall as a dream » was us growing up in a way. experiencing alot. we switched instruments with eachother (since we thought we almost had learned to play our basic instruments at that time). I play bass on like 3 songs and Jon synthesizers while using the drum machine and Tobias guitar for the first time in my Orchard. It was quite a bitch playing live sometimes, with all the switching of instruments hehe. It was a pity that album wasn’t released like 2 years later or something, alot during that period had a sound very close to it. « 5 years… » was abit under rated and misunderstood i think, if i’m allowed to say so myself.

« Too Cool For School Ep » Our biggest « hit » and 3 kind of good but weird songs. « Out of focus » was played alot on the radio too… Dunno what more to say.

« Silhouette » The first record with Jenny on it. Pretty weird since she joined the band just months after the recording of « 5 years… » The latest one and our most homogenic release. A bit dirty pop music. I like it.

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