Introducing a new pph project ! MONO [POL]

Hi everyone,
Happy new year !
Now is time to discover the brand new solo project of seb (mycatisgreen,viewmaster)! Here the video of « La pool », first song off the EP. The EP should be available for your downloading pleasure in February ! Enjoy !

The Tracklist of the EP « Mono [Pol] – Introducing » will be :

1. Hi Everyone !
2. La pool
3. Unplugged
4. Pootoo Pootoo
5. Fidikapé Soudana
6. Hidden track (tatakaka)

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Today is the day ! MYCATSGREEN’s BRAND NEW EP « At night, all cats are green – La nuit, tous les chats sont green » has been uploaded on our website for your downloading pleasure.
It’s free.
It’s just a click away…
It’s here.

1. Travels
2. u&me
3. Mott
4. Me Vs the bear
5. Things about you
6. Movie
7. Sixties (ViewMaster cover / Live at « La Maison du Plaisir »)








You can also watch this homemade trailer of the EP :

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Discover our latest release ! Post-rock from Venezuela !

La Mar – La Mar











There Goes Life
I Will
Under the Weather

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We’re more than happy to welcome the great guys of Tan Frio El Verano into our rooster! To celebrate this, you can now listen to their latest album, for free, as usual on ;)

Download and enjoy !

Tan Frio El Verano – Primavera

Download the album here
Download the artwork here


2208 horas en un segundo
once promesas después de invierno
se miraron y fueron historia
un ocaso perdido
con las manos llenas de fuego
yo recuerdo
creamos la violencia


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ERICINTHEKITCHEN’s digipack cd out now !

Hello everyone,

We finally received the digipack copies of the first ericinthekitchen album !

You can now see how it looks !

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NEW ALBUM !!! ericinthekitchen’s first album is OUT NOW !

After many months of hard work and things getting in the way, eric’s first solo album, entitled « A heart of clouds and stars » is now downloadable for FREE on our website.

You can download it here.

Thanks Eric for this flesh blood in pph’s catalogue !

A digipack version will be available soon. We’ll tell you more about this when it’s out.

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Hi everyone,
We’re very pleased to welcome Tan Frío el Verano, an excellent venezualian collective art band into paperheart’s rooster !
If you like Post Rock / Electronica / Shoegaze/ Experimental, this band/experience might be for you !
We’ll tell you more about them soon !
in the meantime, you can discover them via our artist page dedicated to them and/or via the two videos here under : ENJOY !

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Announcing the upcoming ericinthekitchen album on…here’s the video of « between clouds and stars » !
Enjoy !

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1000 views for « snails of april » by paperweight !

Yes ! the video of « snails of april’ recently reached 1000 views on youtube !
If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s now or never…

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Tribute to lou Barlow – the videos

Our friends de portables just made a wicked video for their cover of « nitemare ».
Be sure to check this out and spread the word ;)

And here’s a little diaporama of view master pictures with our « paranoid revolution » cover

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Tribute to Lou Barlow – updates

hi everyone,
today is a great day ! we just reached the 600 downloads of our pph tribute to Lou Barlow called « just gimme Lou Barlow » !
Thanks to all the bands who recorded the songs and to all of you who downloaded it.

Don’t be shy, share the link so we can reach the 1000 downloads :)
To celebrate this, viewmaster just put « paranoid revolution » on youtube…

We also got some feedback from Lou himself who said  » please pass along my gratitude to the bands involved! that’s really sweet and flattering.. »

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Just Gimme Lou Barlow – A Tribute to Lou Barlow ! OUT NOW !!

Our paperheart tribute to Lou Barlow is now available on this page for your listening ( free ) pleasure !

The final tracklisting is the following :

de portables – Nitemare
Cocobusinessplan – Think (let tomorrow bee)
Viewmaster – Paranoid revolution
Wio – I can’t wait
Snailhouse – True Hardcore
The .nude hours – Spoiled
EricInTheKitchen – Not a friend
David Holderman – Mountain on the hill
Julien Pras  - Kath
Woolly Leaves – Subtle Holy Gift
Evie – License to confuse
MyCatIsGreen – Flame
Moonsocket – Dirty mind
Teacher Teacher – Ocean
Jason Burtally – Magnets coil
Tazio & Boy – Mountain On The Hill
Niklos – Morning after me
Johan sigerud – Brand new love

Flash required

Thanks so much to all the talented people and friends who took some of their precious time and creativity to bring us (and you) such amazing songs. And thank you Lou for writing them and giving your support to this project.

If you like this tribute, don’t be shy ! share it on facebook,twitter and all the new techie ways of sharing information and feelings !

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Simple&true – a 4-tracks comp

Today, february, 22, we open submissions for a new compilation project. As always, the compilation will be downloadable for free, in high-quality mp3 format along with the artwork that you can print at home to make your own pph cd.

The theme of this next indie-pop comp will be « 4-tracks » so we would like to gather songs either recorded on 4-tracks machines or on computer but using only 4 tracks all in all (no cheating, please:) . The goal is to go back to a certain aesthetic of simpliness, to try and sound fresh again and not over-produce songs.

The bands already contributing are :
MyCatIsGreen – Movie
The .nude hours – Somebody New

If you feel like it, you can send your song to

What we need is :
- The song in mp3 high-quality
- A picture of your band
- Some infos about you such as :
Myspace page :
Soundcloud page:
Internet web-site:
Facebook page:
Contact e-mail address :
Twitter page :

The Paperheart team will check your submission and if it corresponds to the spirit of the project, we’ll add it to the tracklisting of the compilation.
Sorry in advance if we do not keep your song. It may not be that bad but may not fit the idea we had in mind for this release.

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Merry Christmas !!! You can now download viewmaster’s First EP for free !


 Old days diaries

Everyday I lose my hair
Always on my mind
Let me go
It’s about time

Download the whole EP

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The .nude hours – « Winter and Smoke » – download it now !

Hello Everyone,

Here’s our paperheart St Nicolas gift to you ! The .nude hours’ latest release to date is now fully downloadable for free on this website. For those who like acoustic pop and darker dreamy songs, make sure to check this out!

The .nude hours - Winter and smoke

Winter and smoke

Still Near
Favourite Dictionary
Shallow Creek
The Best Thing
Why Do We Even Bother
Cold Winter Morning
Here By the Water

Download now !

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November, november…introducing the song of the month !

Hi everyone,

Fall is here now and we have some new songs for your delicate ears to hear…

One introducing our new friends of Foraky ( they will now be part of the pph rooster ) and another one from Mycatisgreen.
Go and check our « song of the month » section ! now !

At the end of each year, we’ll create artwork for the cd that will be downloadable for free, containing the 12 songs of the year… It will be wisely named  » songs of the year » (how cool is that ?!)

We’re slowly receiving songs for the tribute to Lou Barlow. We already have the ones of mycatisgreen (flame), the .nude hours ( spoiled)and cocobusinessplan (think) ! Just a bit more patience and you’ll get to hear them all ! We aim for a xmas release.

Don’t hesitate to leave messages/questions

C U !

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Tribute to Lou Barlow !!

« Just gimme lou barlow ! »

…is the title of our next release !
Thinking about a way to celebrate the new paperheart website, we thought of people who’ve influenced us over the years and one name came again and again…Lou Barlow ! The godfather of lo-fi recordings, the subtle master of broken love songs….So many good songs and projects!

If you feel like being part of this adventure, send an e-mail to and tell us which song you would like to cover. We’ll update this post each time we receive a new request so you know which songs are already taken ! You can choose a song from sebadoh, sentridoh, folk implosion, etc… but just pay attention to one thing : this must be a song written by lou.

The tribute will be released on this website, in free download. It might also come out on another « real » format but nothing has been decided yet. It will all depends on the quality of what you will be sending us…and on our wallet state;)

Artists/Bands contributing

1.The .nude hours – Spoiled
2.MyCatIsGreen – Flame
3.Jason Burtally – Magnets coil
4.Foraky – Not a friend
5.M-Zee – None of your goddamn business
6.Cocobusinessplan – Think (let tomorrow bee)
7.Tortuga Bar – Natural one
8.Snailhouse – True Hardcore
9.Moonsocket – Dirty mind
10.Will Kidman – Back to your heart
11.Viewmaster – Paranoid revolution
12.who ? – what ?
13.The soft eyes – Brand new love portables – Nitemare
15.Autopilot – Total peace
16.Wio - I can’t wait
17.Julien Pras – Kath
18.Evie – License to confuse
19.Teacher Teacher – Ocean
20.Tazio & Boy - Mountain On The Hill
21.Pull – Dreams
22.Niklos – Morning after me

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New paperheart website !

Hello everyone and welcome to paperheart’s brand new site.
You will here find tons of downloadable albums in mp3 format, loads of videos of our bands and of our events !
This site will be the homesite of viewmaster, mycatisgreen, the .nude hours and ericinthektichen !
So, if you want to know their latest news, this is the place.
We’ll try to make this place as interactive as possible so don’t hesitate to react to songs or articles !
Thanks for your fidelity.

the paperheart team

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New MyCatIsGreen album + video for « I can’t find you »

Here’s today’s brand new home-made video for the song « I can’t find you », taken from the newly released « Meow-sic » album by Mycatisgreen.
You can download the album right now on the release page of mycatisgreen ! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to this post to tell us what you think about it :)

Enjoy !

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